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Our Story

Maher Millions is starting a new generation of renegades, shoe shoppers wanting to express themselves and be different. They are taking risks, having fun and wearing their hearts out (on their soles).

the back story

Glen has been a shoe lover for a while, 12 years to be exact. Since starting his successful New Zealand retail chain Mahers Glen has grown his loyal following of shoe aficionados across the globe. The more conversations Glen had with these shoppers the more apparent it became that there was a need for quality dress shoes that didn't stick with the status quo.

a light bulb moment

Glen extended his range of shoes in store to continue to appeal to these risk taking shoe wearers and couldn't keep up with demand for the special release shoes. The solution - make it easier for people to wear their hearts on their soles and create shoes that are fully customised and ordered online.


Inspired by fashion prints, we handpick our fabric each season to deliver bold and standout designs. Glen travels the world locating these prints and back in New Zealand each pair is designed. Made by a normal guy, Maher Millions shoes are created with comfort in mind.


We’re allowing you to make your shoes well yours. By adding your own custom text and number to be embroidered on your shoes, they will be truly one of a kind. We’ve mastered the art of sizing to help you select the right size for each particular shoe.


When you create your Maher Millions shoes you choose a number between 1 and 1 million that enters you into our society. As a society member you have the chance to win when we reach our milestones. Learn all about about how these milestones work on our Society Page. The more shoes sold the more frequent these draws will be.