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The Guide to Mens Socks

The perfect sock can make your shoes shine and we're all for that of course. But how do you make the ideal sock choice? From colour choice to patterns selection we created a full proof guide to nailing your sock game with 5 key considerations. 

1. Colour

Pull out a colour from your outfit or select a tone that as a similar feel whether it is warm or cold. If you’re wearing a formal suit match the colour of your trousers and not your shoes.  White socks a no go when wearing a suit (unless it is a white suit). Traditionally when wearing a tux all black everything is the winner so black socks are best here. 

2. Texture

A small amount of texture like ribbing can give your look a little edge. This is especially great when it comes to brogues for a vintage look. Again look for a texture with flecks of colour similar to your pants.

3. Symbols

Patterned socks have made a huge comeback of late and tend to go with simple outfits to add some interest. Classic patterns such as dots, stripes, and argyle are always winners but you can have some fun pairing more unique patterns with sneakers. When selecting a pattern choose a base tone that matches your trouser colour and avoid matching your sock pattern to a pattern used elsewhere on your outfit.

4. Exposure

Show just the right amount. When wearing socks with a suit it's vital your socks keep your legs fully covered (i.e no bare leg should peak through when your sitting). Bareankling can make some people uncomfortable but there is a time and place.  When it comes to wearing socks with shorts, ideally the no-show socks should come into play here.

5. Material

Choosing the right fabric for your sock comes down to the occasion. In most cases, cotton is king due its breathability and strong. Cotton socks will be your best bet going from work to an evening out. When it comes to cool weather, however, wool can be a lifesaver keeping the heat in while still being breathable. When it comes to formal affairs silk socks are often the top pick but they're not made to last long.