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Society Numbers: How they work

Society Numbers - just another bonus to buying Maher Millions shoes but how exactly do they work? We break it down here.


Ok, I get it. The shoes are incredible but what is the deal with the Maher Society and the Society numbers?

Every person that purchases a Maher Millions’ Shoe gets a unique Maher Society number between 1 and 1 million.

Cool. Can I choose my number?

Only if no one else has secured it before you.

And if my lucky number is taken?

You can always choose another available number or have one randomly assigned to you.

So this number, will give me special super powers?

Not quite, but each Society number you own will give you an opportunity to win money in one of the 1,230 give away draws.

What? 1,230 give away draws? How much money?

In total it is 27 Million US dollars.

Wow! As one big draw?

No. We want to share the love and make as many winners as we can.


Yeah, it breaks down like this.

For each 1,000 pairs of shoes sold we give away $1,000 USD to someone in the society.

For each 10,000 pairs of shoes sold we give away $10,000 USD to someone in the society.


Wait for it, because for every 100,000 pairs sold - 10 people win $50,000 USD plus 2 people win $500,000 USD and 1 lucky person wins $1,000,000 USD

That’s amazing! What’s the catch? Why has no one else done something like this?

Not sure, I guess we just want to give people the opportunity to have some kick-ass custom made mens shoes and help change peoples lives with a whole lot of money. I guess other shoe manufacturers just want to make money