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Dressing for Work Success

The Gentleman who goes far in the business world is the one who gets noticed. So why would you dress like everyone else?

We all bring our own style to our dress so whether your look is a 3 piece suit with matching Panama hat or business casual with a smart pair of Maher Shoes, there are still some Dos and Don’ts that will keep you styling in the office and noticed in the club.

Do have your suit tailored - Why not look your best? No one looks good in a parachute or wants to spend the day in pants they can’t sit down in. You owe it to yourself. Make it fit flawlessly.

Don't over accessorise - Watch, Fitness tracker, bracelet, fundraiser wristbands, leather friendship band. Don’t go overboard. Keep it simple.

Do know thy self. Your style is you and what you wear is an extension of your personality. You should always feel comfortable in your clothing choice and not as if you are wearing a costume for a dress up party.

Don’t wear shorts - Unless your Kelly Slater, no one wants to see your knees in the workplace.

Do check the weather. Your mother always asked if you had your coat on the way out the door. Share an umbrella and make a new friend. Leave the woolen suit in the wardrobe for the 100 degree day without air conditioning. No one is comfortable dripping from rain or sweat.

Don’t wear a T-Shirt. If they won’t let you play golf in one it shouldn't be seen in the workplace.

Do dress for intent. Show you are considered in your clothing choices. Your outfit should not make your clients feel under or overdressed. Always aim a little higher than equal. After all, you will be wearing Maher Shoes.

Do own it. Your new look will make you feel like million dollars. And if you feel great it shows in everything you do. You smile more, have an extra bounce in your step and are confident with anything the day can throw at you.